Roto Shield 3D Fantasy RPG

Roto Shield 3D Fantasy RPG 2

Can you handle the thrills of a 3D Fantasy RPG Shooter?

Can you handle the thrills of a 3D Fantasy RPG Shooter?

Can you handle the thrills of a 3D Fantasy RPG Shooter?

King Eric of Broken Shield needs you and you must travel outside of space and time to be there!!

Are you brave enough to a place where no one should have to go?

In this professionally developed 3D shooter you will get into your other worldly mind as you go on an epic adventure to an entirely new realm of existence! It's your mission, should you be brave enough to step forward, to find out what happened to the hero that King Eric so dearly owes his life to. This epic and courageous journey will bring to places where the innocent dare not tread, and other places that cause great men to fall to their deaths. This awesome adventure awaits your noble and honorable efforts, should you be daring enough. Awesome 3D graphics and fantasy RPG have been carefullly designed and expertly created to bring you the best in fantasy RPG gaming! If you think you have what it takes to be a hero, heed the request of King Eric. He has chosen you, the one he feels can get the job done.

Broken Shield 3D Features:

• Amazing 3D action

• RPG like none other!

• Fun adventure gaming

• Awesome 3D graphics

• Super addictive gaming

• Professionally developed game

• 3D RPG fantasy awesomeness

• Steampunk elements, zeppelins and steam trains

• Magic Wands, Gnomes, Trolls and Zombies

Step into a void of intrigue and danger. Come forth and bring your best. Find the lost Hero. From realm to realm you will you have to find your way through amazing 3D worlds and beyond. Talk with villagers, confront evil doers. Do try to keep yourself alive, so you can make it to the far reaches of unimaginable realms on your search. Awesome 3D graphics and animations that will blow your mind!

Download now to get in the realm, it's your adventure of a lifetime.

Ateention - this 3D game can be slow to load levels at some devices, so be patient!

Roto Shield 3D Fantasy RPG


Roto Shield 3D Fantasy RPG 2